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Understand who the Beginner VO Intensive is for and what it's all about.


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Ch. 1-3 - Creating the Foundation for Your VO Career

AFTER the INTRO TO VO WORKSHOP, this is your next step to getting started in VO!

This is PART 1 of the BEGINNER VO INTENSIVE (covering Chapters 1-3). The FULL course is available, and you can navigate to that page. However, if you don’t want to purchase the full program just yet, this is a great option.

The BEGINNER VO INTENSIVE is the most comprehensive and perfect starting point for someone serious about a career in voice over. The full course is a 3-month-long program. Since this is Part 1, it’s a third that long. In Part 1, we cover: 

  • About YOUR Voice - how to use it as an instrument, vocal health, accent/impediment reduction, and vocal exercises.
  • CONNECTING - making sure you’re talking to someone
  • Script Analysis – how to interpret commercial and industrial copy.

Once you finish with Part 1, you can move on to Parts 2 & 3, where you’ll learn about Specs & Tone, Character Creation, how acting fits into voiceover, how to use improv for voiceover, how to create voice versatility, How to audition, what to do after you book a voiceover and more!

This is ONLY Part 1! If you’d like the full course, check it out on the main page.

This on-demand version of our popular BEGINNER VO INTENSIVE in Atlanta that we do live and via Zoom is way less than what we charge in person. And this is because we encourage you to get instruction with one of our private coaches after a few weeks in. It will help you KNOW if you’re absorbing the material and practicing correctly! You’ll also feel so good knowing you’re getting the right type of training as you learn this CRAFT of VO!

Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew

Mike & Heidi are nationally-recognized voice over talents who own the Atlanta Voiceover Studio and Mike’s VO body of work includes promos for The Talking Dead (on-going), Warby Parker (on-going), NIKE, Budweiser, and hundreds more. You may recognize Heidi's voice on Hint Water, Edible Arrangements, Jiffy Lube & AutoNation campaigns. (More at or

Both the studio and this on-demand VO platform was founded with the goal of developing VO talent no matter where they're located.

Thanks to an amazing family of veteran instructors and coaches, the Atlanta Voiceover Studio has helped train, teach, and mentor talent of all ages through voiceover workshops, classes, and private coaching. And now, with, they'd like to do the same for you!