Heidi Rew

A true “Georgia Peach”, Heidi is a national voiceover talent, actress, host, and former radio DJ.

Heidi has worked in multiple markets, with nearly a decade of on-air experience in Atlanta. Additionally, she has a podcast called the Encourage Minute, where she shares a :60 story of inspiration every Monday.

Heidi can be heard in commercials for various companies, including Autonation, GE, Hallmark, Jiffy Lube, Build-a-Bear, Subway, and Belk, to name a few.

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Learn How the New Commercial Trends Can Inform Your Audition Reads!

Intermediate/Advanced VO talent: ever wonder why you may not be booking commercials? Were you booking like crazy, then hit a dry spell? It may come down to understanding the current commercial trends! Find out why trends are important, what they are and how we can achieve them. Heidi Rew leads this webinar (replay video edited for you) to show talent how commercials have changed over "Covid time" and as they stand now. She provides examples from real commercial so that you can hear the difference and give you tips on what you can do in your auditions.

In this webinar, find out: 

1| Why trends are vital to your career.

2| How knowing the trends can increase your booking

3| What are the 2021 & into 2022 commercial trends

4| Technique to achieve those these reads

5| Trends by genre